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Jurassic Salmon

The only breeding farm in Poland with an ASC certificate

Jurassic Salmon Sp. z o.o. is the world’s first fully organic Atlantic salmon farm using thermal water from 150 million years ago.

More about Jurassic Salmon Farm
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J urassic Salmon Sp. z o.o. was estabilished on May 2013. Company profile is farming of Atlantic salmon in recirculating aquaculture systems, placed in modern facility with an area of 0.9 hectares. Fish farming in closed systems fully corresponds to the ideas of sustainable development and responsible production, allows to minimize the negative impact on the environment and assures the optimum condition and welfare of the fish. It is a specific response to the constantly growing demand for fish and fish products, along with process of shrinking natural resources of fish in the seas and oceans.

Jurassic Salmon facility is the most modern and technologically advanced RAS Atlantic salmon (Salmo salar) farm situated in Janowo, West Pomerania, Poland. It is also the world’s first plant which is using geothermal saline waters for this purpose and the third such farm leading production from egg to harvest size. This is also the largest farm of such a type in Europe, and is located below the Jutland Peninsula, Denmark.

The Jurassic Salmon company, in collaboration with the scientific environment of the West Pomeranian University of Technology in Szczecin, under the direction of Prof. Jacek Sadowski has started the research project entitled “The use of saline geothermal water for fish hatching and on­growing”. The joint action of Jurassic Salmon Sp. z o.o. and the scientific environment in the construction of RAS salmon farm, as well as research methodology and results obtained from the analysis of farm operation, will undoubtedly contribute towards the development of intensive aquaculture, both in Polish and European conditions.

Within the framework of the operational programme “Sustainable development of fishery and riparian fishing areas 2007­2013”, action 3.5 Pilot project was cofinanced from public funds at the amount of 25,092.132 PLN.

Unique Jurassic Salmon farmingUnique Jurassic Salmon farming

What makes fish from Jurassic Salmon special?

J urassic Salmon is the only farm in the world, in which salmon grows on extremely pure and microbiologically safe geothermal water from the Lower Jurassic period, which comes from a 1224,5 meters deep borehole.

Geothermal water is 150 milion years old and contains a set of micro and macroelements, which presence has a positive effect on fish health and condition as well as meat quality.

Water is not contaminated with heavy metals, dioxines, WWA or toxic substances which come from industry or agriculture, and can accumulate in meat of salmon from Chile or Norway.
Both fresh and geothermal water comes from own, deep boreholes which ensures high level of culture safety – from the very beginning fish have no contact with external water sources, inhabited by aquatic organisms.
For the above reasons salmon is not preventively vaccinated against bacterial diseases and viruses, resulting in faster growth rate and lack of post-injection scars. Almost all salmons farmed in Norway and Chile are being vaccinated.

Additionally fish are not endangered by dangerous parasites, which can be present in open waters.
Salmon is cultured in closed RAS systems, with great respect to natural environment – nitrogen and phosphorus compounds are being removed from production water and concentrated feces are used as fertiliser in agriculture.

Because of the fact, that fish is cultured in closed systems, there is no threat of fish escapes to rivers and seas.
Fishes are not affected by sea lice, which is one of the biggest problems for salmon farmers in Norway and Chile.
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We respect the environment

During production process antibiotics or carcinogenic and toxic substances like. formalin or pesticides are not in use.

Fish are fed with feed based on fish meal, with natural colour – panaferd, without the addition of GMO or terrestrial animal protein.

Slaughter is performed in the same building – it takes only few minutes to pump the fish from the ongrowing to processing room, which allows to reduce stress level to minimum. It has positive effect on meat quality (no discolorations, blood marks, bruises, gaping) and weight losses.

Quick deliveries to processing plants in Poland and Germany allows to process salmon in pre-rigor state – before rigor mortis occur.

Salmon culture in Jurassic Salmon is based on ASC standards, and slaughter procedures are performed in accordance to BRC and IFS standards.

Fish deliveries are performed on a regular basis in the amount of 22 tons per week.

Jurassic Salmon

Organic salmon farming in Janów

See the only farm in the world that uses geothermal water from 150 million years ago.